Dressing up for bed

So I woke up today, slept well, and I wanted to share a few words with you.

I thought I would first introduce myself.

I am Mahsa Eskini, the founder of Eskini Sleepwear. I am a fashion designer and I graduated from Ecole Conte Paris in 2018.

I think many of you were waiting for me to start the story with something like this: I was a bad sleeper…or that I did not like the pajamas on the market, so I decided to start this brand, well, not at all. 

Actually, I am a great sleeper, I do not have sleep problems under normal conditions and I’ll be honest, before I got into pajamas buisness, I slept with a t-shirt or anything that was comfortable and old.And then 2020 came, like a lot of us, we stayed at home and locked ourselves in. Spending so much time indoors without the commitment of wearing something nice throughout the day made me wonder why we never feel the need or excitement about what we wear around the house or when we are going to bed? I am sure many of you actually think about it, but according to the statistics, about 80 percent do not , and for men, about 90 percent of them they sleep naked!

Yes, this raises so many questions;So does this mean that we are inherently uncomfortable with clothes?

Do we only wear nice clothes to present ourselves to society?Or do we need another person to see us in those clothes and appreciate them, and then we like that feeling? 

What I’m trying to say is that maybe we need to change the way we look at fashion and clothes in general.

like so many in Lockdown, I decided to dress during the day to make myself feel like my day had a beginning and an end. I tried to change my clothes for a FaceTime meeting, to cook or work out and etc. and That’s when the question occurred to me: if changing my clothes during the day makes me feel more productive and functional, then I could get the same feeling if I really choose my nightwear every night and try to wear something nice, maybe that will have an impact on my mood and how I wake up the next day, and maybe that can really play a role in my daily activities. So I started wearing my beautiful nightgowns that I owned, and of course it completely changed my mood in the morning.  I am not saying that’s true for everyone, but for me it was much more exciting  to wear my favorite pieces around the house alone and enjoy them because I had fun choosing my nightwear and even feeling kind of dressed up to sleep, but comfortable at the same time.

The first reaction many of our customers have when they receive their product is, “Wow, I can even wear this outside.Looking at the details, it might not be a good idea to wear them outside, like how we positioned the labels, but I wanted them to be comfortable while also making you feel like you are dressed up for bedtime.

I hope you enjoy dressing up for bed as much as I do. I highly recommend it, it will have a positive impact on your day, I promise!

I wish you the best dreams every night.

With kind regards 


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